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Feeling Valued

I was reading my first monthly magazine from Investment Advisor, a subscription offer that had peaked my interest, though I sit outside their target market. (Since I think about one’s career as perhaps their core asset in their investment portfolio, … Continue reading

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The Peanut Butter Manifesto

How would you like to work for Brad Garlinghouse at Yahoo!? Yeah, me too. Read his Peanut Butter Manifesto or, if the Wall Street Journal link lapses, via Techcrunch. See? I told you everyone had one.

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Ask for feedback electronically

I’m sure you, being the insightful person you are, have noticed that interacting via electronic means gives people a little more distance. It gives them a little more confidence. It frees them to make more insightful comments. Okay, okay. It … Continue reading

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More on fear and stifling creativity

I actually love it when I’m scooped on ideas. Want to know why? Because it means that I’m making reasonable intuitive leaps. It also means that, eventually, I’m going to make an intuitive leap that doesn’t seem to be intuitive. … Continue reading

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Finding your creative Zen: Getting your right brain and left brain to work together

Chris Pearson is a genius. I would have said that before simply because he’s the one who created the Cutline theme for WordPress. But, now, I have another reason. This post: How to Find Your Creative Zen. Well, that, and … Continue reading

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I fear your idea because I don't understand it

Today, the always informative Lifehacker links to a little gem on How to Kill Ideas. I’m always a big fan of the negative example. And the negative space. And the negative attitude. Oh wait. I have a negative attitude. I … Continue reading

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In 90 days, where would you like to be?

Here’s another great snippet on goal setting from LifeDev, The 90-Day Rule The thing that struck me? I am forever hassling people to come up with 18-month plans and 3-year plans. Hassle hassle hassle. But now? Now, I can also … Continue reading

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Empowered employees versus following the rules

From Boing Boing, a piece on Bank of America’s treatment of a customer who was trying to do something right. It’s resulting in a great deal of backlash. To the tune of $50 million withdrawn from accounts (so far). The … Continue reading

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Mavericks at Work

It just dawned on me that you bright-eyed, happy-go-lucky kids seem like the types who might jump at the chance to read Mavericks at Work. Well, not to rain on your parade, sunshine. But I wouldn’t recommend it. If you’ll … Continue reading

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Do you want loyal employees or happy employees?

As usual, the pig got me thinking again. In this entry, Jack is talking about customer happiness and loyalty, but it got me to thinking about employee happiness and loyalty. Try reading the quote he cites from Fred Reichheld, “the … Continue reading

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