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The Power of Words

Have you run your resume through a word cloud generator to see what you are saying most often to prospective employers? What about your personal or corporate blog?  What we say – especially in today’s hyper-connected world – can say … Continue reading

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You're special

You’re special. And I don’t mean that in a touchy feely way. Although if you feel like you need it, go ahead and take it that way. But take it this way, as well: You’re special. You’re not general. You’re … Continue reading

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Leveraging Millennial Talent – Some Unsolicited Advice

I love my daily dose of Systematic HR. A great reflection on millennial talent resonates. I think that “life indeed is the pursuit, not the fulfillment of one’s work life” is a key point that Gen Xers had to slowly … Continue reading

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Pablo Picasso anecdote or apocrypha or whatever; it's still a valuable lesson

Toby’s recent post on personal brand highlights some critical questions we should all be asking ourselves. Why? Because we’re obligated to take care of ourselves. It’s not adult day care, folks. And what’s the end result of building all of … Continue reading

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Working on the Information Assembly Line

The report on the rise of small businesses noted in Rick’s recent post got me thinking about why people leave or avoid corporate jobs in favor of something more personal. Many of us aren’t interested in working for large globo-corp … Continue reading

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How valuable is talent? More valuable than experience?

I’ll keep this short, because there is plenty to read after the jump. Enjoy. Talent vs. experience? And, if you like, c’mon back and share your views.

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