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Job titles should define the problem not the solution

Cameron Moll of Authentic Boredom was taking a look at the recent job listings on his site. And he’s provided some analysis of his review. My favorite? The second bullet under the analysis. Specifically: In today’s job market, I question … Continue reading

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Is it Too Late Once the Job is Posted?

When I become disenchanted (before disenfranchised but after focus has faded), I’ll often start drumming through the help wanted ads online. Monster. HotJobs. Indeed. Craigslist. This surfing is done in lieu of completing the management reports that no one reads, … Continue reading

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Separation Analysis – What Companies Fail to Understand

A friend recently left his most recent job to go it on his own, no small feat when you think about the comfort that comes from being part of a larger organization. The funny thing is, this seems to be … Continue reading

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Developing Solvers, Not COGs for the Wheel of Complacency

The 21st century business spends less time doing transformation work (processing raw materials) than it does synthesizing information – true in developed countries and increasingly the case in developing economies.“Hiring profiles will change—indeed, in some tacit-intensive industries, such as software … Continue reading

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Jim Collins' bus just got bigger

First off, if you haven’t read Good to Great by Jim Collins, et al., you should. Even if you don’t like business books. It’s just an interesting read. For a business book, even. So read it, even if the term … Continue reading

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