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Cultural Messaging – Stop Neglecting It

When you cast about your organization, who epitomizes your organization’s values? Do you see it just in the executive suite, or do you see it in the line (or in walking among the cubes)? How is your messaging reinforcing the … Continue reading

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Professional Peer Referrals

For those that have jumped the fence into the world of consulting, the question invariably comes up on what is a qualified referral worth? Thanks to the Bay Area Consulting Network, I’ve found the first of what may become a … Continue reading

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Top 5 physical requirements for working from home

As more and more of us move from the corporate office to the home office, I find that we’re all battling with a workspace-within-my-personal-space issue. By working from home, you just increased your accessibility–to both clients and your family–by tenfold. … Continue reading

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Above average? So is everyone else, apparently

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer “A’s and B’s for everyone“: 83% of Americans believe they are above-average workers 74% of American adults believe they have above-average common sense 58% of Americans believe they have above-average IQs 94% of university professors … Continue reading

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Hey Ma, look! I'm a social entrepreneur.

After following a series of links, I just stumbled upon Intuit’s Future of Small Business report. And as I was reading it, I was already composing my post. Thinking of describing it as a “good refresher on the world today.” … Continue reading

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You've got to be kidding me

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve uttered that phrase when the business makes–what seem to me to be–an inane request of me, in terms my emotional relationship with the company. “We’re having a party!” “Join us for a … Continue reading

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Sludge at Work

If you haven’t heard of CultureRx, it’s worth a peek. This consultancy, which came out of Best Buy, works to put focus on the results of work efforts for professionals instead of measuring the sum of hours that are spent … Continue reading

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Coming out of the garage

And apparently into the cafe. Web Worker Daily points us to a growing trend for startups. For those of you with that entrepreneurial bent, rejoice! You are no longer relegated to the garage. No more secret startup. Now, you can … Continue reading

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