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Fun doesn't have to equal free. Does it?

I was chatting with Toby, this morning, about his “Professional Peer Referrals” post. And as I was describing my issues with the whole “pay to play” concept, something dawned on me. I have a really, really hard time charging people … Continue reading

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Rushing To Work — Missing The Beauty

Ask yourself — if you were on your way to work and heard one of the world’s greatest violinists playing on the street, would you notice? A brilliant piece in the Washington Post called “Pearls Before Breakfast” describes an experiment … Continue reading

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Remember to have some fun

Much of the time, we at little ol’ More than a living tend to get on the soapbox a bit. Raining fire and brimstone down upon the modern day workplace. Its foibles. And its inadequacies. Sometimes that can seem a … Continue reading

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World of Warcraft taught some how to win the recruiting war

Sorry, but the geek in me compells me to say, “This is Red 5, standing by.” Phew. Now that that is out of the way… Red5, founded by former members of Blizzard Entertainment (the company behind titles like World of … Continue reading

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Know thy enemy: 100 Ways to Kill a Concept

Our pursuits here at More than a living are often twofold. Two sides of the same coin. On one hand, we’re in the business of helping you focus. Helping you find perspective. And helping you get the most out of … Continue reading

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The Power of Inspiring Words

I’m not a fan of the inspirational posters that hang on the walls of so many offices and companies these days. They are well intended, but too often feel like window-dressing – there to send a message but without conviction. … Continue reading

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Same board, different game

Having kids, I tend to play a lot of board games. A lot. And not different board games, mind you. The same board game over and over and over and over and, well, you get the picture. Kids like repetition. … Continue reading

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Feeling Valued

I was reading my first monthly magazine from Investment Advisor, a subscription offer that had peaked my interest, though I sit outside their target market. (Since I think about one’s career as perhaps their core asset in their investment portfolio, … Continue reading

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More on fear and stifling creativity

I actually love it when I’m scooped on ideas. Want to know why? Because it means that I’m making reasonable intuitive leaps. It also means that, eventually, I’m going to make an intuitive leap that doesn’t seem to be intuitive. … Continue reading

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Finding your creative Zen: Getting your right brain and left brain to work together

Chris Pearson is a genius. I would have said that before simply because he’s the one who created the Cutline theme for WordPress. But, now, I have another reason. This post: How to Find Your Creative Zen. Well, that, and … Continue reading

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