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You're special

You’re special. And I don’t mean that in a touchy feely way. Although if you feel like you need it, go ahead and take it that way. But take it this way, as well: You’re special. You’re not general. You’re … Continue reading

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What is Talent Demanding?

So I’m doing some research for a client, looking at the staffing measures of peer finance departments in other organizations, and found the Demandments from Talent Mindset. Some pretty smart observations if you find yourself searching for in-demand talent. Why … Continue reading

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Transparency. It's not just for companies, anymore

Yes, yes, yes. “transparency” is a complete buzzword. I agree. What’s a better word or phrase? Honesty Telling the truth Not lying Not fudging Telling it straight The real deal That’s how I roll You get the point. But to … Continue reading

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Deliver bad news early and often

Sometimes, these things just write themselves. Or I write them, when I’m doing something else. Either way, this little ditty I composed seem worthy of inflicting upon the masses. I’m going to elaborate a bit on a problem with which … Continue reading

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Getting honest feedback, not as easy as it seems

Everybody loves positive feedback. But, sometimes, positive isn’t necessarily honest. Or it’s honest, by simply dodging the real issues. Q: How did I do on my project? A: Have you been working out? You look great! Lifehacker points us (“Learn … Continue reading

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I'm betting your boss didn't write this one

If you had received this note from your boss–or the boss–at your last job, would you still be there? Would you like to get a note like this from your current boss? (Hat tip to Seth Godin)

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