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Weekend Bonus: Vimeo "Get yourself fired" contest

I couldn’t let this one slip by us: Open only to people who hate their jobs. Make a video of yourself demonstrating why your job is an insult to your intelligence and a squandering of your abilities. For more information … Continue reading

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Remember to have some fun

Much of the time, we at little ol’ More than a living tend to get on the soapbox a bit. Raining fire and brimstone down upon the modern day workplace. Its foibles. And its inadequacies. Sometimes that can seem a … Continue reading

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I have a strange feeling that this game just might appeal to you

There’s just something about this plucky little asteroid taking on the more powerful ships that I thought would appeal to you. You plucky little rock you. (Nod to Plastic Bag for both the link and the “plucky.”)

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Why do you do it?

Over at his Wisdump, Paul Scrivens of 9rules fame has a rather interesting take on the reward systems that social sites are pursuing. The post, entitled The Overjustification Effect and User Generated Content, tackles the fame versus fortune rewards of … Continue reading

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Offering more: Blendtec and 'Will It Blend?'

Creativity is a big motivator for many folks. And a fun atmosphere doesn’t hurt at all. With those things in mind, would you like to work at Blendtec? Yeah, me too. They seem to doing things right.

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