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Performance Reviews for Experts

Do you employ experts? Do you wish you did? What’s the hold up? A review of some past rants on Pride and Workmanship have me wondering, Does the conferring title of “expert” on members of your team result in a … Continue reading

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Valuing Consulting Services versus Contractor Labor

Rick and I were recently having a conversation about the value of a consultant or contractor’s time, and how the concept of consultative value may or may not translate into a meaningful bill rate. Rick observed that too often the … Continue reading

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Formalize it

(Feel free to hum along with Peter Tosh while you’re reading this.) When I was on the corporate side of the desk, I tended to place a great deal of emphasis on writing plans. So much so, that some people … Continue reading

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Performance Reviews – Then What?

You’ve had your review. Hopefully with feedback from many, likely with input and reflections just from your manager. No one becomes “valued” doing just their one thing – we are all replaceable when we fail to differentiate against our stereotype … Continue reading

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Alice into the Rabbit Hole – Bring Your Interviewer In

I was reviewing a few of the sample questions on HRinterviews , but didn’t see my favorite: Take me through an example project or challenge that would be similar to your work here, as you understand it. Give me a … Continue reading

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Pride of Workmanship

I work with contractors and consultants in nearly every aspect of my life. How is it that the idea of “workmanship,” or the pride of a job well done, can vary so greatly among the masses that work as independent … Continue reading

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Influential HR Grows Talent Management, First and Foremost

I’m loving the thinking bouncing around, reading about value and influence at SystematicHR ” HR Versus Finance – Influence, Power, and a Seat at the Table Part 2” and ItzBigBlog “Want to increase ROI? Start investing in talent.” This is … Continue reading

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Trusted Advisors Deliver Insight beyond Execution

After a read at SystematicHR titled “HR Versus Finance – Influence, Power, and a Seat at the Table Part 1“, here’s the question that has me puzzling this morning, “Is human capital more or less valuable than financial capital?” In … Continue reading

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