Performance Reviews – Then What?

You’ve had your review. Hopefully with feedback from many, likely with input and reflections just from your manager.

No one becomes “valued” doing just their one thing – we are all replaceable when we fail to differentiate against our stereotype or next-best candidate for the job. You can be the most brilliant, wicked smart recruiter (or tax accountant or programmer) on the street, but if all you do is take orders and execute, you are valued based on your tactical contributions. True or not, the market perception is that tactics can be delivered by any fellow with a similar resume. And to a large degree, rightly so.
What are you doing to outgrow your last performance review? Are you more than tactical delivery? Who is singing your songs of greatness?

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2 Responses to Performance Reviews – Then What?

  1. Toby Lucich says:

    Sweet- thanks Kris.

    Will do.

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