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Good to Great case study alert. No, the other kind of case study.

[Editor’s note: I couldn’t decide if this post was more appropriate for hypocritical or for here. I opted for here. Feel free to slam me, via the comments, should you disagree.] Have you read Good to Great? Well, we happen … Continue reading

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I'll take 'Ass or Elbow?' for 500, Alex

Not that this comes as a shock to you, gentle reader, but a recent survey by Vital Smarts provides some more fuel for the “your organization doesn’t know what it’s doing” fire. Turns out, most folks are well attuned to … Continue reading

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Employees are our most valuable asset

I know. Cringe-worthy isn’t it? I think actually saw you squirm as you read that. It’s a common reaction. Why? Because it generally falls in the realm of hypocrisy. The realm of “methinks thou dost protest too much.” The realm … Continue reading

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Firing an employee is a sensitive thing. You don’t actually hear about a lot of people getting fired these days — layoffs, “RIFs” and other corporate double-speak for letting people go is more typical. Actually firing a person is (in … Continue reading

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The No Asshole Rule

I love flying. If only because it let’s me catch up on all the reading I’ve been meaning to do. As per Amy’s “Assholes 101” post, I’ve been stuck trying to finish The No Asshole Rule: Building a Civilized Workplace … Continue reading

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Quit treating your career like a poorly run meeting

I was just over reading a bit of Scott Berkun’s recommendations for running meetings when I got one of those cold sweats. No, it wasn’t because I was reliving 99.9% of the meetings I’ve ever attended when I was on … Continue reading

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Work-Life Balance is a myth

Work-life balance. Oy. Everybody loves to wax on and on and on about the infamous “work-life balance.” As if it were some mystical answer to all the problems of the business world. How everyone would be happy little clams in … Continue reading

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