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How Much is a Referral Worth?

Tough question, and one that shouldn’t be answered too quickly. A referral, a reference, a recommendation – these things just happen on the fly, over casual lunches and at backyard barbecues. At little league. Over beers. So easy for someone … Continue reading

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Pencil or Swiss Army® knife?

Ruminating on Toby’s “Are you a tool?” caused me to start lollygagging down a different path of thought. Because, in many regards, we’re all tools. In some fashion or another. In some applications. And I’m not just saying that because … Continue reading

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Moonlighting Revisited, sans Cybil and Bruce

As educated professionals, we can’t all answer the four-killer questions of professional passion relative to our day job. We’ve all dreamed of some passion-driven, grass-is-greener scenario that let’s us realize opportunities above and beyond those in our current role. Sometimes … Continue reading

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Potty Training, College, and Other Tasks You Should Tackle Yourself

Ugh. If you have (had) a little person in your home, you know what potty training is all about. This is a crazy mix of hope, anxiety, and sense of pending loss as your little person flirts with the idea … Continue reading

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Resume Building- The Difference Between Spit Shine and Fluffing

I get Rick’s rant – particularly if you’ve ever been duped into hiring based on a resume and interview, and discover the “new toy” out of the wrapper was completely plastic. All packaging, no product. I’m of two minds about … Continue reading

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Are you asking why or are you asking when?

Most of us get into a groove. And we think we know what we’re doing. We think the people around us know what they’re doing. And we begin to trust in the greater good. We begin to get ever so … Continue reading

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