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You done lost all your [insert town here] privileges

So, I’m watching some gangster flick the other night. Basically any gangster flick. Pick one. At some point in the movie, someone will go and do something dumb. And then the heavy will decide to spare the idiot’s life but … Continue reading

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Sound of one mouth yakking

I know. I know. If you just wanted to listen to me, you would have subscribed to hypocritical. I get that. But, at least, this is more focused drivel from your truly. Well, slightly more focused. Rest assured, gentle reader, … Continue reading

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Some weekend reading and thinking

We like to think we’re pretty smart around here at More than a living. But reading and re-reading your own posts can get dull for even me. Sometimes. When that happens, I like to venture out and do a little … Continue reading

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People quit people

It’s been said a thousand times, so my saying it one more time won’t hurt. In fact, it may help. People don’t quit jobs. People quit people. Why do I mention this, today? Maybe because I’ve been noticing a recurrent … Continue reading

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Top 10 sites your next employer or customer will check

So, prior to our CSS search, the last time I had to do any significant due diligence on a potential co-worker was roughly two years ago. And then, I was hiring for a position on the other side of the … Continue reading

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Practicing what we preach

I was just re-reading “Are you obsolete? Why not?” and thinking, “Man, this guy is completely full of crap. Who listens to this noob?” And then I realized I had written it. So, then I thought, “Maybe I should give … Continue reading

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Management tip: Top 3 ways to express your gratitude to employees

Management, listen up. You’ve got some good employees working for you. Yes, I know. He is a screw up. You’re right. But the rest of them? The rest of them are diamonds in the rough. The leaders of tomorrow. Pure … Continue reading

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Are you obsolete? Why not?

Your ultimate goal–at any job–should be achieving your own obsolescence. When you achieve that, you’ve really succeeded. You should be extinct. Not only that, but you should plan to be extinct. You should strive to be extinct. You should be … Continue reading

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Applying the "Sustainable" philosophy to business processes

I’m a big fan of sustainability. I’m, admittedly, not as good at as I could be. But I’m constantly working to get better. I’ve been recycling for nearly 20 years (yes, kids, there was once a time when people didn’t … Continue reading

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How Much is a Referral Worth?

Tough question, and one that shouldn’t be answered too quickly. A referral, a reference, a recommendation – these things just happen on the fly, over casual lunches and at backyard barbecues. At little league. Over beers. So easy for someone … Continue reading

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