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What is Talent Demanding?

So I’m doing some research for a client, looking at the staffing measures of peer finance departments in other organizations, and found the Demandments from Talent Mindset. Some pretty smart observations if you find yourself searching for in-demand talent. Why … Continue reading

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Don't hold me to this number

You ever been around someone–you, me, anyone–trying to come up with a “rough estimate,” off the cuff? As opposed to a smooth estimate? A solid estimate? An exact guess? Whatever. Oxymorons aside. Bear with me. I have a point. No … Continue reading

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Top 10 sites your next employer or customer will check

So, prior to our CSS search, the last time I had to do any significant due diligence on a potential co-worker was roughly two years ago. And then, I was hiring for a position on the other side of the … Continue reading

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Management tip: Top 3 ways to express your gratitude to employees

Management, listen up. You’ve got some good employees working for you. Yes, I know. He is a screw up. You’re right. But the rest of them? The rest of them are diamonds in the rough. The leaders of tomorrow. Pure … Continue reading

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Top 5 metaphysical requirements for working from home

Okay. So here we are. Working from home. And you, being the smart cookie that you are, have already done your darnedest to either comply with–or refute the necessity of–my “Top 5 physical requirements for working from home.” So, physically, … Continue reading

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Deliver bad news early and often

Sometimes, these things just write themselves. Or I write them, when I’m doing something else. Either way, this little ditty I composed seem worthy of inflicting upon the masses. I’m going to elaborate a bit on a problem with which … Continue reading

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Top 5 physical requirements for working from home

As more and more of us move from the corporate office to the home office, I find that we’re all battling with a workspace-within-my-personal-space issue. By working from home, you just increased your accessibility–to both clients and your family–by tenfold. … Continue reading

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Interview Prep – Get your Story Put Together

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” isn’t always a question you consider before an interview, but HRinterviews has made it easier to prep. This is a great list of questions, put on my radar by SystematicHR with a … Continue reading

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Good Karma For Your Career

To add to the career management pile-on of Rick and Toby’s recent posts, I wanted to extend the “it’s not what you know” line of thought around networking. Forget standing around a dull conference hall or bad party with a … Continue reading

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Intramural commutability

For us work-from-home types, it can be difficult to “unplug” from the office. Especially when that office sits just a few short steps away from “home.” Web Worker Daily offers some tips for transitioning from work to home with “When … Continue reading

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