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Recruit Mediocre or Learn to Reward Performance

When was the last time you sought the most average potential candidate for your next employee? When you said, “competent is great, but a solid C/C+ candidate is the real sweet spot?” Are you hiring for the tasks that need … Continue reading

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What is Talent Demanding?

So I’m doing some research for a client, looking at the staffing measures of peer finance departments in other organizations, and found the Demandments from Talent Mindset. Some pretty smart observations if you find yourself searching for in-demand talent. Why … Continue reading

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Top 10 sites your next employer or customer will check

So, prior to our CSS search, the last time I had to do any significant due diligence on a potential co-worker was roughly two years ago. And then, I was hiring for a position on the other side of the … Continue reading

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Top 10 mistakes made when applying for the CSS gig

Ahem. It’s been awfully quiet around here, as of late. And for that, I apologize. Everyone is busy. Busy busy busy. But I’m rarely, if ever, too busy to chat with you, gentle reader. So why don’t we get to … Continue reading

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World of Warcraft taught some how to win the recruiting war

Sorry, but the geek in me compells me to say, “This is Red 5, standing by.” Phew. Now that that is out of the way… Red5, founded by former members of Blizzard Entertainment (the company behind titles like World of … Continue reading

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Your Job Sounds Great – You Recruiting?

Looking to make the leap? Start talking up your “A list” friends. A list players are getting targeted for recruitment purposes, and they are one of your best bets to get into something interesting. Recruiters love them, because they are … Continue reading

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Job titles should define the problem not the solution

Cameron Moll of Authentic Boredom was taking a look at the recent job listings on his site. And he’s provided some analysis of his review. My favorite? The second bullet under the analysis. Specifically: In today’s job market, I question … Continue reading

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Who Values Employees?

Not feeling like employees are valued? Having a hard time recruiting and retaining talent on your teams? Put this in front of your executive management team: A study commissioned by Pershing Advisory Services, “A View From the Top: Best Practices … Continue reading

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