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Truemors : Guy Kawasaki :: Kumquat : More than a living

Part of being happy at work is finding ways to sustain your personal growth. One way to ensure you’re sustaining your personal growth is finding a mentor. Ideally, that mentor has some sort of relationship with you. However, when push-comes-to-shove, … Continue reading

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Leveraging Millennial Talent – Some Unsolicited Advice

I love my daily dose of Systematic HR. A great reflection on millennial talent resonates. I think that “life indeed is the pursuit, not the fulfillment of one’s work life” is a key point that Gen Xers had to slowly … Continue reading

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Second Life: Virtual world, real mentors

Apparently, IBM has been experimenting with Second Life, using it to test a number of virtual human resource and organizational development functions. The one I found most interesting? The mentoring community: In the United States, we’re using Second Life to … Continue reading

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Potty Training, College, and Other Tasks You Should Tackle Yourself

Ugh. If you have (had) a little person in your home, you know what potty training is all about. This is a crazy mix of hope, anxiety, and sense of pending loss as your little person flirts with the idea … Continue reading

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Are you babysitting your career or are you parenting your career?

[Editor: Toby and I got into a little conversation about “babysitting vs. parenting,” and how that analogy applied to employees and careers and whatnot. He was taking it from a managerial perspective and I was taking it from a career … Continue reading

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Feeling Valued

I was reading my first monthly magazine from Investment Advisor, a subscription offer that had peaked my interest, though I sit outside their target market. (Since I think about one’s career as perhaps their core asset in their investment portfolio, … Continue reading

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Finding a mentor

Part of the struggle to find more meaning–and more reward–in the work you do, day in and day out, is to recognize opportunities and potential pitfalls. Take risks, but know when you’re taking them. Here at little ol’ More than a living, we’re big fans of the mentor concept. We really believe that it’s one of the best ways to learn. Continue reading

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