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Getting to the Next You: Employment Contract or Employability Compact?

I have loved and continue to love my professional magazines. They’re like little boxes of chocolates that show up each month, and I don’t know what I’ll find until I open them. The most recent gem comes from a team … Continue reading

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My Top 10-ish Points on Starting Your Career (or Re-Starting, Again)

Digging out from a backlog of “sort it out later” emails, I came across some career advice I shared with some up-and-coming professionals. They all got bits and pieces of what follows, but the consolidated list is probably more useful for those … Continue reading

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Are You Excitable?

It’s been awhile. Hello again. How’s the family? Yeah, the sun is starting to sneak out here in the northwest too. Yeah, I’ve been listening to a little Def Leopard, too. Ok, enough small talk. Onto the story. Rick and … Continue reading

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Rocket Surgery? Nice Niche

Hey there. Long time, huh? Hope your weekend was a good one. So, Sunday morning, and I’m enjoying the Sunday New York Times in my cloud-shrouded  sun room with a cup of my favorite blend. Of coffee. I love to read … Continue reading

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People quit people

It’s been said a thousand times, so my saying it one more time won’t hurt. In fact, it may help. People don’t quit jobs. People quit people. Why do I mention this, today? Maybe because I’ve been noticing a recurrent … Continue reading

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Are you asking why or are you asking when?

Most of us get into a groove. And we think we know what we’re doing. We think the people around us know what they’re doing. And we begin to trust in the greater good. We begin to get ever so … Continue reading

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We are all expendable

If I could say it better than Kathy Sierra, I would, but I can’t. (If I could draw cool pictures like Kathy, I would, too.) If all managers like you, are you safer than if some think you’re amazing while … Continue reading

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The Inequity of Equity

The dream- your hand on the wheel, guiding your ship where you will, when you will. The wind at your back, the sun in your face. Ahh – the entrepreneurial dream. (You know I’m not really talking about sailing, right?) … Continue reading

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