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Practicing what we preach

I was just re-reading “Are you obsolete? Why not?” and thinking, “Man, this guy is completely full of crap. Who listens to this noob?” And then I realized I had written it. So, then I thought, “Maybe I should give … Continue reading

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Employee types from Kathy Sierra

Okay, I know she’s using employee types to describe software applications. But, I mean, c’mon. Strip that away and you’ve still got some archetypal employee types. This is well worth the read: Creating Passionate Users: Is your app an ass-kisser? … Continue reading

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I'm betting your boss didn't write this one

If you had received this note from your boss–or the boss–at your last job, would you still be there? Would you like to get a note like this from your current boss? (Hat tip to Seth Godin)

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