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Still Training?

If you aren’t, you are becoming antiquated – so goes the straight-forward advise in It’s a “Sprint” not a “Marathon,” from Incentive Intelligence. Each career cycle is getting shorter, which means that you need to be thinking about how you … Continue reading

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Are You Failing Often Enough?

Are you failing successfully? I can’t help but think that I am missing many opportunities by not failing enough (or learning from the minor daily failures around me). Having just found Jaired’s Life’s Lessons and post “The Art of Failure … Continue reading

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Know thy enemy: 100 Ways to Kill a Concept

Our pursuits here at More than a living are often twofold. Two sides of the same coin. On one hand, we’re in the business of helping you focus. Helping you find perspective. And helping you get the most out of … Continue reading

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Dear Newbie – Risk Management Rules for your Budding Career

Inherent in every conversation I’ve every had about change – aging, career shifts, marriage, parenting, promotions – is a greater or lesser concern over the risks that come with something new. Ah, FUD. It’s not that we don’t want to … Continue reading

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