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Mind the gap

Sometimes, we’re so heads down working in our little fiefdoms, we fail to notice that the moats around our stone towers have grown together. And that makes a huge gap. So why not pick your head up and see where … Continue reading

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Does that embarrass you?

We, as a species, are big fans of veneer. No, not Vermeer. Although Girl with a Pearl Earring is a beautiful piece, I must admit. The enigmatic nature of her countenance, at times, rivals even that of the Mona Lisa. … Continue reading

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Leveraging Millennial Talent – Some Unsolicited Advice

I love my daily dose of Systematic HR. A great reflection on millennial talent resonates. I think that “life indeed is the pursuit, not the fulfillment of one’s work life” is a key point that Gen Xers had to slowly … Continue reading

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Influential HR Grows Talent Management, First and Foremost

I’m loving the thinking bouncing around, reading about value and influence at SystematicHR ” HR Versus Finance – Influence, Power, and a Seat at the Table Part 2” and ItzBigBlog “Want to increase ROI? Start investing in talent.” This is … Continue reading

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Do you have a growth mind-set or a fixed one?

What kind of employee would you prefer to have (or be)? A naturally intelligent one focused on performance, or a hard worker focused on learning and growth? According to Stanford professor Carol Dweck’s research described in her new book Mindset: … Continue reading

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Elvis without the Colonel, Success without a Manager?

I’m not the biggest Elvis fan (though my wee one had a sweet suit one October), but one thing was very clear – Elvis wasn’t Elvis without the Colonel. And though I always picture Colonel Sanders, it makes me wonder: … Continue reading

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Know thy enemy: 100 Ways to Kill a Concept

Our pursuits here at More than a living are often twofold. Two sides of the same coin. On one hand, we’re in the business of helping you focus. Helping you find perspective. And helping you get the most out of … Continue reading

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Potty Training, College, and Other Tasks You Should Tackle Yourself

Ugh. If you have (had) a little person in your home, you know what potty training is all about. This is a crazy mix of hope, anxiety, and sense of pending loss as your little person flirts with the idea … Continue reading

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Working on the Information Assembly Line

The report on the rise of small businesses noted in Rick’s recent post got me thinking about why people leave or avoid corporate jobs in favor of something more personal. Many of us aren’t interested in working for large globo-corp … Continue reading

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Unhappy Employees Almost the Majority

And you thought you were alone in your unhappy job situation? Only 47 percent of Americans say they’re satisfied with their jobs, a sizable drop from the 61.1 percent who expressed satisfaction in a similar survey 20 years ago. That … Continue reading

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