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Tackling the No-Accountability Wasteland

There is an uncomfortable, anxious pang that wells up in you when the halls have been empty for hours, and you know that you and the janitor are the only people in the building, again. You feel like maybe the … Continue reading

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Weekend Bonus: Vimeo "Get yourself fired" contest

I couldn’t let this one slip by us: Open only to people who hate their jobs. Make a video of yourself demonstrating why your job is an insult to your intelligence and a squandering of your abilities. For more information … Continue reading

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You done lost all your [insert town here] privileges

So, I’m watching some gangster flick the other night. Basically any gangster flick. Pick one. At some point in the movie, someone will go and do something dumb. And then the heavy will decide to spare the idiot’s life but … Continue reading

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Applying the "Sustainable" philosophy to business processes

I’m a big fan of sustainability. I’m, admittedly, not as good at as I could be. But I’m constantly working to get better. I’ve been recycling for nearly 20 years (yes, kids, there was once a time when people didn’t … Continue reading

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Alma Pater

Follow me, if you will, through a little scenario. Let’s say you get a job offer. This job entails your spending four years attempting to complete a project. You can take longer. You can take less. But four years is … Continue reading

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I, for one, welcome our Gen-Y, Millennial overlords

We Gen-X types are a sandwich generation, stuck somewhere between the old and the new. Too young to ignore technology, too old to truly understand its potential Too young to have participated in the greed-rush of the ’80s, too old … Continue reading

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Influential HR Grows Talent Management, First and Foremost

I’m loving the thinking bouncing around, reading about value and influence at SystematicHR ” HR Versus Finance – Influence, Power, and a Seat at the Table Part 2” and ItzBigBlog “Want to increase ROI? Start investing in talent.” This is … Continue reading

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Dissatisfaction makes the world go round

We here at More than a living tend to bemoan the state of the workplace in the United States. It’s what we know, so it’s where we focus our critique. A while back, Toby highlighted the level of dissatisfaction in … Continue reading

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Addressing the Org Chart Problem

I don’t know about you, but one of the first things I want when I start a job or work with a client is an organizational chart. Knowing the working relationships between people, how teams are put together and who … Continue reading

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Gen-X Management

Ray Williams of the Financial Post writes “Gen X will change work culture“. Of this I have no doubt. But I am wondering what our organizations, our institutions will look like 20 years forward, when X and Y have put … Continue reading

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