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Intramural commutability

For us work-from-home types, it can be difficult to “unplug” from the office. Especially when that office sits just a few short steps away from “home.” Web Worker Daily offers some tips for transitioning from work to home with “When … Continue reading

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Top 10 (or so) Ways to Ensure You Never Lose Another Employee

Turnover blows. Here is how you can prevent the pain – forever: Hire incompetent people – no one else ever will. They will be yours to keep until the day they retire. Promote people beyond their abilities. Always eliminate training … Continue reading

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Disrespect : Burnout :: Gasoline : Fire

While it doesn’t come as a shocker that disrespect in the work place is a leading cause for burnout, it does seem interesting that it may be the primary cause for burnout. Usually, folks point to “over work,” “poor work … Continue reading

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