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Valuing Consulting Services versus Contractor Labor

Rick and I were recently having a conversation about the value of a consultant or contractor’s time, and how the concept of consultative value may or may not translate into a meaningful bill rate. Rick observed that too often the … Continue reading

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Fun doesn't have to equal free. Does it?

I was chatting with Toby, this morning, about his “Professional Peer Referrals” post. And as I was describing my issues with the whole “pay to play” concept, something dawned on me. I have a really, really hard time charging people … Continue reading

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Top 5 metaphysical requirements for working from home

Okay. So here we are. Working from home. And you, being the smart cookie that you are, have already done your darnedest to either comply with–or refute the necessity of–my “Top 5 physical requirements for working from home.” So, physically, … Continue reading

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Pride of Workmanship

I work with contractors and consultants in nearly every aspect of my life. How is it that the idea of “workmanship,” or the pride of a job well done, can vary so greatly among the masses that work as independent … Continue reading

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Personal Brand? Where's the Value?

Are you managing your Personal Brand? Is it worth more today than it was a year ago? Your brand value (alternatively – credibility, or reputation) is the incremental compensation you should be receiving over and above candidates in the same … Continue reading

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Hey Ma, look! I'm a social entrepreneur.

After following a series of links, I just stumbled upon Intuit’s Future of Small Business report. And as I was reading it, I was already composing my post. Thinking of describing it as a “good refresher on the world today.” … Continue reading

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Coming out of the garage

And apparently into the cafe. Web Worker Daily points us to a growing trend for startups. For those of you with that entrepreneurial bent, rejoice! You are no longer relegated to the garage. No more secret startup. Now, you can … Continue reading

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If you have that entrepreneurial bent

We’re not trying to stop you. Not at all. In fact, if you think that’s what you’d like to do, then by all means, go get ’em tiger. Whatever makes you happy. But before you go? You might want to … Continue reading

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Keeping a stiff upper lip

Over at Escape from Cubicle Nation, Pam alludes to the fears that overtake all entrepreneurs at some point or another. And works Saturday Night Live into the discussion, to boot. Continue reading

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The Inequity of Equity

The dream- your hand on the wheel, guiding your ship where you will, when you will. The wind at your back, the sun in your face. Ahh – the entrepreneurial dream. (You know I’m not really talking about sailing, right?) … Continue reading

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