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More than a year for More than a living

Just a brief note to mention that More than a living has officially passed the one-year mark. In that time, we’ve composed more than 265 posts. And those posts have generated more than 30,000 spam comments. (I can’t get a … Continue reading

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Intuition is a product of repetition

To continue to riff on the “Common sense isn’t so common” theme… I know you’re a smart cookie. So I know, for certain, that you’re often blindsided by moments of clarity. Insanely insightful leaps of intuition that just kind of … Continue reading

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Kiss once-a-year performance reviews good-bye

If you work in the corporate world, you’re likely starting to feel a little prickly sensation on the back of your neck. And that’s because, after reading that headline up there, you’re beginning to think about the ominous–not to mention … Continue reading

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Making yourself accountable

I was thinking about Kumquat, again. Constantly. This time, I was trying to figure out why the idea behind Kumquat appealed to me, so that I could explain to other people why its an important shift in thinking. Somehow, “I … Continue reading

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Top 10 mistakes made when applying for the CSS gig

Ahem. It’s been awfully quiet around here, as of late. And for that, I apologize. Everyone is busy. Busy busy busy. But I’m rarely, if ever, too busy to chat with you, gentle reader. So why don’t we get to … Continue reading

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Desperately seeking CSS

Tired of hearing us complain about Kumquat? So are we! If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Quit being part of the problem. Here’s the gig description from 37signals, craigslist, and hypocritical. We were going … Continue reading

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Sticking to your guns

The engaging conversation occurring around “Knowing when to quit” already had me feeling better about the latest Kumquat decisions. And then I read this from Joel on Software: Every day you make a tiny bit of progress. You make one … Continue reading

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Knowing when to quit

As many of you have surmised, one of the tangential as-the-world-turns subplots of More than a living is following the development of a tool we’re building called Kumquat. As such, we’ve tried to be as open and honest about not … Continue reading

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Truemors : Guy Kawasaki :: Kumquat : More than a living

Part of being happy at work is finding ways to sustain your personal growth. One way to ensure you’re sustaining your personal growth is finding a mentor. Ideally, that mentor has some sort of relationship with you. However, when push-comes-to-shove, … Continue reading

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Basecamp hates me

Sigh. Since you asked. Yeah, that’s the long and the short of it. Kumquat is on the way. Seriously. No, I mean it. Good thing this is a personal project and not for a real client. As if I don’t … Continue reading

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