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You are responsible for your own happiness

I feel as if I have already written this post in a variety of different forms at least a thousand times. So, one more time won’t hurt. And, honestly, it probably won’t be the last. After all, its all about … Continue reading

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Expecting Common Sense in the Workplace

Hmm. Common Sense may not be as common as you’d like. Reading over at Educated Being put this idea in perspective, and highlights a shift in expectation from Common Sense to Responsibility: Every individual has different origin, experiences, and way … Continue reading

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You own your own performance management

Catching up on some of my reading, obviously. Dave Lefkow over on Director of Recruiting posits the question, “Who will own performance management?” It’s a great question. Everyone wants there to be performance management. Everyone realizes there is value there. … Continue reading

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Quit treating your career like a poorly run meeting

I was just over reading a bit of Scott Berkun’s recommendations for running meetings when I got one of those cold sweats. No, it wasn’t because I was reliving 99.9% of the meetings I’ve ever attended when I was on … Continue reading

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The only constant is you

When Toby and I started scribbling the ideas that became More than a living, we were trying to find a way to describe the business ennui in which we both found ourselves seemingly irrevocably ensconced. Part of that cathartic process … Continue reading

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Sometimes your support structure is neither supportive nor structured, discuss

I’m just a magnet for these things lately. It’s beginning to unnerve me. But, I’m continuing to encounter quotes from famous folks that just really hit home. Maybe I’m looking for inspiration. Maybe I’m just riding a strange wave of … Continue reading

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David Maister: Manage your own career. No one else will.

Sometimes, I feel like this blog becomes a “Yeah, what he said!” kind of thing. But maybe you’ll keep reading because you like the links. Or maybe we’ll introduce you to someone you should really be reading. Or maybe we’ll … Continue reading

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