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Thanks for contributing to More than a living

David Maister does a brilliant job of recognizing the people who take time to participate on his blog. We, here at More than a living, really like the idea, so we’re borrowing it. Stealing it, really. But for a good … Continue reading

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Sludge at Work

If you haven’t heard of CultureRx, it’s worth a peek. This consultancy, which came out of Best Buy, works to put focus on the results of work efforts for professionals instead of measuring the sum of hours that are spent … Continue reading

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Work-Life Balance is a myth

Work-life balance. Oy. Everybody loves to wax on and on and on about the infamous “work-life balance.” As if it were some mystical answer to all the problems of the business world. How everyone would be happy little clams in … Continue reading

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More Useless Meetings, Please

Nothing is more disrespectful than showing up late to a meeting. It is almost better to completely blow it off, at least then people can assume you had a scheduling conflict. I know you know that it is disrespectful. I … Continue reading

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Failed resolutions beginning to snowball?

Well, well, well. It’s been a few weeks since the beginning of the new year. All full of promise and intrigue. We were really going to change some stuff this year, weren’t we? Really put our mark on things. Come … Continue reading

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Professional Agility: Debunking the Security Myth

This single sentence at itzBig Blog really got me up and running this Saturday morning: “There was a time when people had the opportunity to spend the majority of their lives working in one industry or even working with one … Continue reading

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