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You're special

You’re special. And I don’t mean that in a touchy feely way. Although if you feel like you need it, go ahead and take it that way. But take it this way, as well: You’re special. You’re not general. You’re … Continue reading

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Some weekend reading and thinking

Enjoy the weekend. My Visit to Trek: Two Guys in a Barn “Employees make good use of the commuter program. Each day someone rides, walks, skates or car pools to work, that employee receives credit for Trek products or cash … Continue reading

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Some weekend reading and thinking

Have a good weekend. Try to unplug. But if you wind up online, here’s some stuff to peruse: Head, shoulder, foot! “Most founders think about complementing technical or business skills when they build their intial team. Fewer think about the … Continue reading

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Some weekend reading and thinking

We like to think we’re pretty smart around here at More than a living. But reading and re-reading your own posts can get dull for even me. Sometimes. When that happens, I like to venture out and do a little … Continue reading

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Sticking to your guns

The engaging conversation occurring around “Knowing when to quit” already had me feeling better about the latest Kumquat decisions. And then I read this from Joel on Software: Every day you make a tiny bit of progress. You make one … Continue reading

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Singing the Praises of Momentum

Whew. I’m about pooped out. As we try to get the final touches on Kumquat, I’m also kicking off a consulting project for a client in which I’m emotionally invested. Exciting things are afoot, but it feels like there are … Continue reading

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Every once in awhile, all my blog reading comes to fruition. Culminating in finding that one great post. That post that motivates. That shakes the cobwebs out of my head. Often, it’s a product of Kathy Sierra‘s work. But today… … Continue reading

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The Power of Inspiring Words

I’m not a fan of the inspirational posters that hang on the walls of so many offices and companies these days. They are well intended, but too often feel like window-dressing – there to send a message but without conviction. … Continue reading

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Does this capture it? I believe that Purpose—not money, not status—is what people most want from work. Make no mistake: they want compensation; some want an ego-affirming title. Even more, though, they want their lives to mean something, they want … Continue reading

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The Peanut Butter Manifesto

How would you like to work for Brad Garlinghouse at Yahoo!? Yeah, me too. Read his Peanut Butter Manifesto or, if the Wall Street Journal link lapses, via Techcrunch. See? I told you everyone had one.

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