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How Much is a Referral Worth?

Tough question, and one that shouldn’t be answered too quickly. A referral, a reference, a recommendation – these things just happen on the fly, over casual lunches and at backyard barbecues. At little league. Over beers. So easy for someone … Continue reading

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Bad is easy, good is difficult

Why, why, why is it so much easier to be bad than good? I think one of the primary reasons is that there are a wide variety of excuses for being bad (“I didn’t have time,” “I’ve been meaning to … Continue reading

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Deliver bad news early and often

Sometimes, these things just write themselves. Or I write them, when I’m doing something else. Either way, this little ditty I composed seem worthy of inflicting upon the masses. I’m going to elaborate a bit on a problem with which … Continue reading

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Negative motivation

Some people call me “underwhelmed,” but fact of the matter is I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. Negative feedback or lack of progress or failure often crushes me. At first. But then, it becomes the seed of … Continue reading

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Are You Failing Often Enough?

Are you failing successfully? I can’t help but think that I am missing many opportunities by not failing enough (or learning from the minor daily failures around me). Having just found Jaired’s Life’s Lessons and post “The Art of Failure … Continue reading

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Do you have a growth mind-set or a fixed one?

What kind of employee would you prefer to have (or be)? A naturally intelligent one focused on performance, or a hard worker focused on learning and growth? According to Stanford professor Carol Dweck’s research described in her new book Mindset: … Continue reading

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More Useless Meetings, Please

Nothing is more disrespectful than showing up late to a meeting. It is almost better to completely blow it off, at least then people can assume you had a scheduling conflict. I know you know that it is disrespectful. I … Continue reading

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