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Alma Pater

Follow me, if you will, through a little scenario. Let’s say you get a job offer. This job entails your spending four years attempting to complete a project. You can take longer. You can take less. But four years is … Continue reading

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Boing Boing, Little Frog, er, Rabbit

Hippity Hoppity, hippity hoppity… we know this song. But I’m wondering, what is the thinking that motivates job hopping? I’m a mover, a shaker. Or easily distracted, whatever. I’m not the loyal 20-year man that many managers want. I get … Continue reading

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File under "Insights that seem shocking if you've been working under a rock"

According to the Houston Chronicle–or as the hip kids like to call it “The Chron”–half of your stellar employees may be looking for a new gig. No. I’m serious. Forty-seven percent of your most productive, most creative, most valuable workers … Continue reading

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Do you want loyal employees or happy employees?

As usual, the pig got me thinking again. In this entry, Jack is talking about customer happiness and loyalty, but it got me to thinking about employee happiness and loyalty. Try reading the quote he cites from Fred Reichheld, “the … Continue reading

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