Boing Boing, Little Frog, er, Rabbit

Boing bointHippity Hoppity, hippity hoppity… we know this song. But I’m wondering, what is the thinking that motivates job hopping?

I’m a mover, a shaker. Or easily distracted, whatever. I’m not the loyal 20-year man that many managers want. I get in and am ready to fire it up. And then move on when the speed of change begins to wane. For me, a large corporation let me work internally as a consultant, and was a fertile bed for honing skills that would be useful in my consulting practice.

What is it you want out of your next hop? Security? Challenge? Compensation? Flexibilty? Strong brand? Launch pad for your own gig?

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1 Response to Boing Boing, Little Frog, er, Rabbit

  1. Rick Turoczy says:

    I think there’s a good deal of self-reflection that takes place prior to the hop. Boing!

    But most of that reflection centers around “how the new job will change my life” rather than “how this step falls along my chosen path.”

    Remember, you’re not going to retire from there.

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