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Thanks for contributing to More than a living in February 2007

During February 2007, the following folks have taken the time to stop by, read, consider, and comment. And for that, we are very appreciative. Thank you. Andy Anne Ron Davison Deanna McNeil mitsui Cheyne Rood Penelope Trunk

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Hey Ma, look! I'm a social entrepreneur.

After following a series of links, I just stumbled upon Intuit’s Future of Small Business report. And as I was reading it, I was already composing my post. Thinking of describing it as a “good refresher on the world today.” … Continue reading

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Are you reading Brazen Careerist, Penelope Trunk?

If you’re not you should be. Why? Well, for one reason, Brazen Careerist is good. Really good. All of it. Most everything Penelope Trunk writes. (She is part of 9rules, after all.) I’m serious. But today, especially, in this post: … Continue reading

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That toward which we are working

Courtesy of indexed. And yes, indexed is always this good. Please subscribe.

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Kathy Sierra's bad marriage metaphor dead on for employees, too

You don’t need me to sit here and prattle on, yet again, about how much of a genius Kathy Sierra is. If you do, I’d be happy to do that. But I won’t until you ask. (Maybe I’m just tittering … Continue reading

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Unhappy Employees Almost the Majority

And you thought you were alone in your unhappy job situation? Only 47 percent of Americans say they’re satisfied with their jobs, a sizable drop from the 61.1 percent who expressed satisfaction in a similar survey 20 years ago. That … Continue reading

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Friday pop quiz: Performance reviews

In terms of performance reviews, would you prefer: More reviews of your performance with more qualitative feedback? More reviews of your performance with more quantitative feedback? Any performance review with honest critical feedback, constructive or otherwise? All of the above? … Continue reading

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You're not going to retire from there

That seat in which you’re sitting right now? It’s not going to be the same one you’re sitting in the day you retire. I’m not a betting man, but I feel that’s a pretty safe bet. You see, jobs aren’t … Continue reading

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Top 10 (or so) Ways to Ensure You Never Lose Another Employee

Turnover blows. Here is how you can prevent the pain – forever: Hire incompetent people – no one else ever will. They will be yours to keep until the day they retire. Promote people beyond their abilities. Always eliminate training … Continue reading

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The only constant is you

When Toby and I started scribbling the ideas that became More than a living, we were trying to find a way to describe the business ennui in which we both found ourselves seemingly irrevocably ensconced. Part of that cathartic process … Continue reading

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