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Where is your Focus?

Sometimes a concept is framed in such a powerful way that you feel required to share it (this view may resonate differently with MBA-types). Balaji Krishnamurthy at LogiStyle offers this paradigm to help CEO’s focus their scarce attention: A good way to examine … Continue reading

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Good to Great case study alert. No, the other kind of case study.

[Editor’s note: I couldn’t decide if this post was more appropriate for hypocritical or for here. I opted for here. Feel free to slam me, via the comments, should you disagree.] Have you read Good to Great? Well, we happen … Continue reading

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People quit people

It’s been said a thousand times, so my saying it one more time won’t hurt. In fact, it may help. People don’t quit jobs. People quit people. Why do I mention this, today? Maybe because I’ve been noticing a recurrent … Continue reading

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Singing the Praises of Momentum

Whew. I’m about pooped out. As we try to get the final touches on Kumquat, I’m also kicking off a consulting project for a client in which I’m emotionally invested. Exciting things are afoot, but it feels like there are … Continue reading

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Gen-X Management

Ray Williams of the Financial Post writes “Gen X will change work culture“. Of this I have no doubt. But I am wondering what our organizations, our institutions will look like 20 years forward, when X and Y have put … Continue reading

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The Peanut Butter Manifesto

How would you like to work for Brad Garlinghouse at Yahoo!? Yeah, me too. Read his Peanut Butter Manifesto or, if the Wall Street Journal link lapses, via Techcrunch. See? I told you everyone had one.

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Mavericks at Work

It just dawned on me that you bright-eyed, happy-go-lucky kids seem like the types who might jump at the chance to read Mavericks at Work. Well, not to rain on your parade, sunshine. But I wouldn’t recommend it. If you’ll … Continue reading

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