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Top 10 mistakes made when applying for the CSS gig

Ahem. It’s been awfully quiet around here, as of late. And for that, I apologize. Everyone is busy. Busy busy busy. But I’m rarely, if ever, too busy to chat with you, gentle reader. So why don’t we get to … Continue reading

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Flipping the Switch

I had lunch today with a former co-worker that has effectively “retired” at 39 (Jealous, much?). She is very much a Top 1%’er and a rockstar teammate that I know is sorely missed at our past employer. My central question … Continue reading

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Desperately seeking CSS

Tired of hearing us complain about Kumquat? So are we! If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Quit being part of the problem. Here’s the gig description from 37signals, craigslist, and hypocritical. We were going … Continue reading

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Still Training?

If you aren’t, you are becoming antiquated – so goes the straight-forward advise in It’s a “Sprint” not a “Marathon,” from Incentive Intelligence. Each career cycle is getting shorter, which means that you need to be thinking about how you … Continue reading

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Sticking to your guns

The engaging conversation occurring around “Knowing when to quit” already had me feeling better about the latest Kumquat decisions. And then I read this from Joel on Software: Every day you make a tiny bit of progress. You make one … Continue reading

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Knowing when to quit

As many of you have surmised, one of the tangential as-the-world-turns subplots of More than a living is following the development of a tool we’re building called Kumquat. As such, we’ve tried to be as open and honest about not … Continue reading

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Top 5 metaphysical requirements for working from home

Okay. So here we are. Working from home. And you, being the smart cookie that you are, have already done your darnedest to either comply with–or refute the necessity of–my “Top 5 physical requirements for working from home.” So, physically, … Continue reading

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Truemors : Guy Kawasaki :: Kumquat : More than a living

Part of being happy at work is finding ways to sustain your personal growth. One way to ensure you’re sustaining your personal growth is finding a mentor. Ideally, that mentor has some sort of relationship with you. However, when push-comes-to-shove, … Continue reading

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Formalize it

(Feel free to hum along with Peter Tosh while you’re reading this.) When I was on the corporate side of the desk, I tended to place a great deal of emphasis on writing plans. So much so, that some people … Continue reading

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Basecamp hates me

Sigh. Since you asked. Yeah, that’s the long and the short of it. Kumquat is on the way. Seriously. No, I mean it. Good thing this is a personal project and not for a real client. As if I don’t … Continue reading

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