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The Power of Words

Have you run your resume through a word cloud generator to see what you are saying most often to prospective employers? What about your personal or corporate blog?  What we say – especially in today’s hyper-connected world – can say … Continue reading

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Flipping the Switch

I had lunch today with a former co-worker that has effectively “retired” at 39 (Jealous, much?). She is very much a Top 1%’er and a rockstar teammate that I know is sorely missed at our past employer. My central question … Continue reading

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Some Days…

You ever wonder when the wagon wheels are going to go spinning off? I’m home today with a sick child, even as I try to wrap up a few management tasks on a current project and throw myself bodily into … Continue reading

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Hello, Crazy

Maybe I’m not that dialed in, but clicking through Rick’s post and into “A Unique Generation,” I bumped into KV’s comment and feel my shaking my head – huh uh – wrong focus, gang. I’ve worked across several companies and … Continue reading

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Partner? What?

Marshall Goldsmith, PhD writes in “Partners, not Employees“, published in a recent Talent Management’s issue (related reflection at his blog): Gone are the days when leaders could be — indeed, were expected to be — aloof and unapproachable, handing out … Continue reading

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Personal Brand Equity: Crunch the Numbers

Speaking of Personal Brand equity, I found this little measure of your brand, recycled (but posted!) from Tom Peters: He offers what he calls a PBE or Personal Brand Equity Test (see below). Take some time to answer the following … Continue reading

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When On-Time, On-Budget is Only "Ok"

You scoped the work. You delivered on your commitments. You exceeded expectations when you look at what you had originally set out to do. Every “i” dotted, every “t” crossed. Attaboy. Your Customer’s needs are still unsatisfied. How did this … Continue reading

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Professional Agility: Debunking the Security Myth

This single sentence at itzBig Blog really got me up and running this Saturday morning: “There was a time when people had the opportunity to spend the majority of their lives working in one industry or even working with one … Continue reading

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