Some Days…

You ever wonder when the wagon wheels are going to go spinning off?

I’m home today with a sick child, even as I try to wrap up a few management tasks on a current project and throw myself bodily into “study buddy” mode for an upcoming series of examinations for a professional credential. To ice this cake, my laptop has gone buggy and is holding my project docs and study guides for the exam hostage.

All on top of the delays we’ve had with Kumquat. Oy. Do you ever think that you should have stayed in bed?

Some things we plan for, others we roll with, and then some just cause us to sigh. I wish I could say this bout of madness was growthful, but it’s not feeling that way.

Whew. I could use some cheese with that whine. Or would love to hear about your last “crazy day” that you survived intact.

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