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37signals highlights some recent mistakes

Here are good ol’ More than a living, we like to think we’re pretty upfront about our mistakes. It’s not that we like making them. But once they’re made, there’s a certain amount of catharsis in delving into the causes … Continue reading

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Good to Great case study alert. No, the other kind of case study.

[Editor’s note: I couldn’t decide if this post was more appropriate for hypocritical or for here. I opted for here. Feel free to slam me, via the comments, should you disagree.] Have you read Good to Great? Well, we happen … Continue reading

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People quit people

It’s been said a thousand times, so my saying it one more time won’t hurt. In fact, it may help. People don’t quit jobs. People quit people. Why do I mention this, today? Maybe because I’ve been noticing a recurrent … Continue reading

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Management tip: Top 3 ways to express your gratitude to employees

Management, listen up. You’ve got some good employees working for you. Yes, I know. He is a screw up. You’re right. But the rest of them? The rest of them are diamonds in the rough. The leaders of tomorrow. Pure … Continue reading

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Does that embarrass you?

We, as a species, are big fans of veneer. No, not Vermeer. Although Girl with a Pearl Earring is a beautiful piece, I must admit. The enigmatic nature of her countenance, at times, rivals even that of the Mona Lisa. … Continue reading

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Knowing when to quit

As many of you have surmised, one of the tangential as-the-world-turns subplots of More than a living is following the development of a tool we’re building called Kumquat. As such, we’ve tried to be as open and honest about not … Continue reading

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Deliver bad news early and often

Sometimes, these things just write themselves. Or I write them, when I’m doing something else. Either way, this little ditty I composed seem worthy of inflicting upon the masses. I’m going to elaborate a bit on a problem with which … Continue reading

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Leveraging Millennial Talent – Some Unsolicited Advice

I love my daily dose of Systematic HR. A great reflection on millennial talent resonates. I think that “life indeed is the pursuit, not the fulfillment of one’s work life” is a key point that Gen Xers had to slowly … Continue reading

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You own your own performance management

Catching up on some of my reading, obviously. Dave Lefkow over on Director of Recruiting posits the question, “Who will own performance management?” It’s a great question. Everyone wants there to be performance management. Everyone realizes there is value there. … Continue reading

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Assholes 101

When I get together with former co-workers, we rarely talk about old colleagues we loved, instead favoring stories about the ones who made us want to commit hara-kari in our cubicles. You know, that guy who verbally abused his wife … Continue reading

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