Rocket Surgery? Nice Niche

Hey there. Long time, huh? Hope your weekend was a good one.

So, Sunday morning, and I’m enjoying the Sunday New York Times in my cloud-shrouded  sun room with a cup of my favorite blend. Of coffee.

I love to read the local business section back-to-back with the NYT, where I find this guidance for up-and-comers:

Make sure people know who you are and that you stand for who you are. Be unique about something. Be a specialist in something. Be known for something….What’s different about you – that’s your personal brand.

And this is from Barry Salzberg, pending-CEO of Deloitte, one of the largest accounting and consulting firms in the world. A tax specialist. An attorney. A respected expert in his field and firm.

What does it mean to be an expert? To be passionate about your work? It may be important for me personally, but is it a good business move?

When the head of a world-class organization like Deloitte is giving this advice, it sure seems to have some merit. In the world of professional services, the conversation starts and end with personal brand – people are buying you and what you know. Not a t-shirt, not a cup of coffee, not chicken leashes for their virtual farm animals.

Your expertise. Your track record. Your ability to help satisfy a real business need.

It does make me grin when you see your message being spread by others (not that we’ve owned ‘brand yourself,’ as I think Tom Peters gets to claim that in a refresh on the age-old reputation management theme). Not a smug, self-satisfied grin, but an “amen!” kind of grin.

Happy Monday, and do something to add to your uniquely brilliant track record. Make today the first day of your next evolution. Or revolution.

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