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You're hired, you're fired

Anyone who talks to me about their current corporate career will likely have heard me utter—likely innumerable times—my quintessential thought about staying in one place too long, “You’re not going to retire from there.” Truth of the matter is that … Continue reading

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Top 10 mistakes made when applying for the CSS gig

Ahem. It’s been awfully quiet around here, as of late. And for that, I apologize. Everyone is busy. Busy busy busy. But I’m rarely, if ever, too busy to chat with you, gentle reader. So why don’t we get to … Continue reading

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Alma Pater

Follow me, if you will, through a little scenario. Let’s say you get a job offer. This job entails your spending four years attempting to complete a project. You can take longer. You can take less. But four years is … Continue reading

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This American Dream Job

I’m a big fan of This American Life, the NPR radio show (and now TV show) which is consistently great week to week. The most recent episode, called “Nice Work If You Can Get It,” showcases stories of people with … Continue reading

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I Love My Job: New Interview Series

We talk often on this blog about the quest to find work that is personally meaningful, much more that just a paycheck, and ultimately a job that is THE job — the one you’d prefer to have over any other. … Continue reading

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Employee types from Kathy Sierra

Okay, I know she’s using employee types to describe software applications. But, I mean, c’mon. Strip that away and you’ve still got some archetypal employee types. This is well worth the read: Creating Passionate Users: Is your app an ass-kisser? … Continue reading

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Firing an employee is a sensitive thing. You don’t actually hear about a lot of people getting fired these days — layoffs, “RIFs” and other corporate double-speak for letting people go is more typical. Actually firing a person is (in … Continue reading

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Working on the Information Assembly Line

The report on the rise of small businesses noted in Rick’s recent post got me thinking about why people leave or avoid corporate jobs in favor of something more personal. Many of us aren’t interested in working for large globo-corp … Continue reading

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Are you reading Brazen Careerist, Penelope Trunk?

If you’re not you should be. Why? Well, for one reason, Brazen Careerist is good. Really good. All of it. Most everything Penelope Trunk writes. (She is part of 9rules, after all.) I’m serious. But today, especially, in this post: … Continue reading

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Kathy Sierra's bad marriage metaphor dead on for employees, too

You don’t need me to sit here and prattle on, yet again, about how much of a genius Kathy Sierra is. If you do, I’d be happy to do that. But I won’t until you ask. (Maybe I’m just tittering … Continue reading

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