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Kiss once-a-year performance reviews good-bye

If you work in the corporate world, you’re likely starting to feel a little prickly sensation on the back of your neck. And that’s because, after reading that headline up there, you’re beginning to think about the ominous–not to mention … Continue reading

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Why this site will never have a million visitors

It’s become clear that more interaction with our reader base would be both welcome and warranted. Toby has mentioned it, both in conversation and in posts. Amy has mentioned it. And I know I could use it. I mean, as … Continue reading

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Negative motivation

Some people call me “underwhelmed,” but fact of the matter is I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. Negative feedback or lack of progress or failure often crushes me. At first. But then, it becomes the seed of … Continue reading

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Getting honest feedback is crucial

On the plane, I was reading an article in Motto by Jim Deupree of DBM’s International Center for Executive Options (ICEO). I made a note to link to the article once I got back to an internet connection, but guess … Continue reading

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Partner? What?

Marshall Goldsmith, PhD writes in “Partners, not Employees“, published in a recent Talent Management’s issue (related reflection at his blog): Gone are the days when leaders could be — indeed, were expected to be — aloof and unapproachable, handing out … Continue reading

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How are we doing?

Any time is a good time for feedback. So, Amy, Toby, and Rick were wondering how you felt about our performance. Any input is great, but you can also feel free to drop that feedback into these buckets: The Good … Continue reading

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Portland's most evil boss…?

The folks over at Gawker are currently running a contest to find New York’s most evil boss. Which leads us More than a living types (apparently all atwitter about The No Asshole Rule and who have heard some doozies as … Continue reading

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Know your critics, know your fans

When you’re looking for feedback on your performance, it’s critical that you know your critics and know your fans. That’s going to temper your questions and your results. If you’re looking for some praise to raise your spirits, then you’re … Continue reading

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When On-Time, On-Budget is Only "Ok"

You scoped the work. You delivered on your commitments. You exceeded expectations when you look at what you had originally set out to do. Every “i” dotted, every “t” crossed. Attaboy. Your Customer’s needs are still unsatisfied. How did this … Continue reading

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Getting honest feedback, not as easy as it seems

Everybody loves positive feedback. But, sometimes, positive isn’t necessarily honest. Or it’s honest, by simply dodging the real issues. Q: How did I do on my project? A: Have you been working out? You look great! Lifehacker points us (“Learn … Continue reading

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