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Does Mediocrity Reign Supreme?

So Rick and I were talking about passion for your work. Do you love what you do? How badly would you want to change to actively go out and find a better alternative to the job the current have (and … Continue reading

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You are responsible for your own happiness

I feel as if I have already written this post in a variety of different forms at least a thousand times. So, one more time won’t hurt. And, honestly, it probably won’t be the last. After all, its all about … Continue reading

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Cultural Messaging – Stop Neglecting It

When you cast about your organization, who epitomizes your organization’s values? Do you see it just in the executive suite, or do you see it in the line (or in walking among the cubes)? How is your messaging reinforcing the … Continue reading

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Are you obsolete? Why not?

Your ultimate goal–at any job–should be achieving your own obsolescence. When you achieve that, you’ve really succeeded. You should be extinct. Not only that, but you should plan to be extinct. You should strive to be extinct. You should be … Continue reading

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Applying the "Sustainable" philosophy to business processes

I’m a big fan of sustainability. I’m, admittedly, not as good at as I could be. But I’m constantly working to get better. I’ve been recycling for nearly 20 years (yes, kids, there was once a time when people didn’t … Continue reading

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Flipping the Switch

I had lunch today with a former co-worker that has effectively “retired” at 39 (Jealous, much?). She is very much a Top 1%’er and a rockstar teammate that I know is sorely missed at our past employer. My central question … Continue reading

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I, for one, welcome our Gen-Y, Millennial overlords

We Gen-X types are a sandwich generation, stuck somewhere between the old and the new. Too young to ignore technology, too old to truly understand its potential Too young to have participated in the greed-rush of the ’80s, too old … Continue reading

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Safe is anything but safe

There’s a great post over on Seth Godin’s blog, today, (shocker, I know) entitled, “Do you have to be anti-change to be pro-business?” In it, Seth talks about how companies tend to resist change, even though change is the one … Continue reading

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Boing Boing, Little Frog, er, Rabbit

Hippity Hoppity, hippity hoppity… we know this song. But I’m wondering, what is the thinking that motivates job hopping? I’m a mover, a shaker. Or easily distracted, whatever. I’m not the loyal 20-year man that many managers want. I get … Continue reading

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Want to work from home? Tips on making your work and life intramural

For many of us, working from home holds a great deal more appeal than sitting in a noisy–or worse yet, deathly silent–cube farm, day-in, day-out. I know that I’m more productive here than I ever was in the office. And … Continue reading

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