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Moonlighting Revisited, sans Cybil and Bruce

As educated professionals, we can’t all answer the four-killer questions of professional passion relative to our day job. We’ve all dreamed of some passion-driven, grass-is-greener scenario that let’s us realize opportunities above and beyond those in our current role. Sometimes … Continue reading

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Trouble finding your passion? Maybe you need a compass

Looking back at that title, I appear to be singing Flashdance. Please ignore that. Or, if you like Flashdance, embrace it. Anyhoo. I’ve followed Curt Rosengren for some time. He’s been thinking about this stuff for quite a while. And … Continue reading

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Offering more: Blendtec and 'Will It Blend?'

Creativity is a big motivator for many folks. And a fun atmosphere doesn’t hurt at all. With those things in mind, would you like to work at Blendtec? Yeah, me too. They seem to doing things right.

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