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Deliver bad news early and often

Sometimes, these things just write themselves. Or I write them, when I’m doing something else. Either way, this little ditty I composed seem worthy of inflicting upon the masses. I’m going to elaborate a bit on a problem with which … Continue reading

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Safe is anything but safe

There’s a great post over on Seth Godin’s blog, today, (shocker, I know) entitled, “Do you have to be anti-change to be pro-business?” In it, Seth talks about how companies tend to resist change, even though change is the one … Continue reading

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Know thy enemy: 100 Ways to Kill a Concept

Our pursuits here at More than a living are often twofold. Two sides of the same coin. On one hand, we’re in the business of helping you focus. Helping you find perspective. And helping you get the most out of … Continue reading

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The No Asshole Rule

I love flying. If only because it let’s me catch up on all the reading I’ve been meaning to do. As per Amy’s “Assholes 101” post, I’ve been stuck trying to finish The No Asshole Rule: Building a Civilized Workplace … Continue reading

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Are you reading Brazen Careerist, Penelope Trunk?

If you’re not you should be. Why? Well, for one reason, Brazen Careerist is good. Really good. All of it. Most everything Penelope Trunk writes. (She is part of 9rules, after all.) I’m serious. But today, especially, in this post: … Continue reading

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Are you asking why or are you asking when?

Most of us get into a groove. And we think we know what we’re doing. We think the people around us know what they’re doing. And we begin to trust in the greater good. We begin to get ever so … Continue reading

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More on fear and stifling creativity

I actually love it when I’m scooped on ideas. Want to know why? Because it means that I’m making reasonable intuitive leaps. It also means that, eventually, I’m going to make an intuitive leap that doesn’t seem to be intuitive. … Continue reading

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I fear your idea because I don't understand it

Today, the always informative Lifehacker links to a little gem on How to Kill Ideas. I’m always a big fan of the negative example. And the negative space. And the negative attitude. Oh wait. I have a negative attitude. I … Continue reading

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