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You done lost all your [insert town here] privileges

So, I’m watching some gangster flick the other night. Basically any gangster flick. Pick one. At some point in the movie, someone will go and do something dumb. And then the heavy will decide to spare the idiot’s life but … Continue reading

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Coming out of the garage

And apparently into the cafe. Web Worker Daily points us to a growing trend for startups. For those of you with that entrepreneurial bent, rejoice! You are no longer relegated to the garage. No more secret startup. Now, you can … Continue reading

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Don't fight the rhythm

(Hat tip to Kathy Sierra for Creating Passionate Users: Rhythm method) One of the problems with driven employees is that they think they should be working–all of the time. I know, because I think I should be working all the … Continue reading

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Finding your creative Zen: Getting your right brain and left brain to work together

Chris Pearson is a genius. I would have said that before simply because he’s the one who created the Cutline theme for WordPress. But, now, I have another reason. This post: How to Find Your Creative Zen. Well, that, and … Continue reading

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Understanding what's compromising your productivity (part 2)

Wasn’t I just talking about the Yin of getting down playing into the Yang of lackluster productivity? Oh, why yes I was, in the previous post. So what if you could improve productivity (using the previous post) even if you … Continue reading

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Understanding what's compromising your productivity

Sometimes, disdain for your working environment can result in a gradually decreasing level of productivity that brings you closer and closer to a completely comatose state. And, this lack of progress tends to feed your dissatisfaction. Which makes you more … Continue reading

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