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Define success

Two little words. But they can provide a whole lot of clarity. “Define success.” Say it to yourself. Say it to your boss. Say it to your client. “Define success.” Forming the response to this question does two, critically important … Continue reading

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Are you obsolete? Why not?

Your ultimate goal–at any job–should be achieving your own obsolescence. When you achieve that, you’ve really succeeded. You should be extinct. Not only that, but you should plan to be extinct. You should strive to be extinct. You should be … Continue reading

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Do you have a growth mind-set or a fixed one?

What kind of employee would you prefer to have (or be)? A naturally intelligent one focused on performance, or a hard worker focused on learning and growth? According to Stanford professor Carol Dweck’s research described in her new book Mindset: … Continue reading

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Are you reading Brazen Careerist, Penelope Trunk?

If you’re not you should be. Why? Well, for one reason, Brazen Careerist is good. Really good. All of it. Most everything Penelope Trunk writes. (She is part of 9rules, after all.) I’m serious. But today, especially, in this post: … Continue reading

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Graphing despair, fulfillment, success, and failure

As Kathy Sierra has taught me time and time again, a solid visual can really drive home your point. I’m sorry? A picture is worth a thousand words? Hmm. That sounds like an interesting quote. You should consider maybe shopping … Continue reading

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