Graphing despair, fulfillment, success, and failure

As Kathy Sierra has taught me time and time again, a solid visual can really drive home your point.

I’m sorry? A picture is worth a thousand words? Hmm. That sounds like an interesting quote. You should consider maybe shopping that one around. Me? I’ll stick with the claim that Kathy taught me about visuals and communicating your concept.

I’m sorry, where was I? Ah yes.

A hat tip to 37 signals for pointing to this little gem: Success and Fulfillment. In this installment, Human Being Curious takes us through the all-too-familiar quadrant. Only this time, it’s a bit more fresh than the latest mumbo-jumbo technology quadrant, because it’s describing the balance of success and fulfillment.

Ah ha. I knew that would get your attention. Success and fulfillment? Oh my. The holy grail.

How does one lead a truly great life? What is the formula? I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about and researching this, starting many years ago when I noticed that people kept telling me that I was one of those people that was always smiling, always in a good mood, and always had really great and interesting things going on in my life. I was always being asked why that was so, and frankly I didn’t have an answer. I thought that if I wanted to stay this way, I should probably find out why I was this way now so I could continue consciously behaving the same way in the future.

And while I’m still kinda stuck on “failure” being the opposite of “success” (I disagree; I think it’s more like stasis versus growth), I think it’s well worth your time spending some time considering this little ditty.

He even puts in a little plug for spending even more time at More than a living:

If you’re surrounding yourself with people that you believe are “better”, people that you aspire to be, it’s more likely that you will become more like them.

Remember, we believe in you.

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