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The Power of Words

Have you run your resume through a word cloud generator to see what you are saying most often to prospective employers? What about your personal or corporate blog?  What we say – especially in today’s hyper-connected world – can say … Continue reading

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You done lost all your [insert town here] privileges

So, I’m watching some gangster flick the other night. Basically any gangster flick. Pick one. At some point in the movie, someone will go and do something dumb. And then the heavy will decide to spare the idiot’s life but … Continue reading

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I Love My Job: Rasmussen/Su, Husband & Wife Architects

In the second of a semi-regular interview series on people who love their jobs, I spoke with Kevin Rasmussen and Vivian Su, a husband and wife team running their own small architecture firm. They have worked to create a lifestyle … Continue reading

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Blogging at Work? What would Happen to You…

if your company found out you were blogging at work? (This link was live, but apperas to have been pulled.) What if you found out your employees were blogging or reading blogs. Instead of doing their work? Would you get … Continue reading

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Want to work from home? Tips on making your work and life intramural

For many of us, working from home holds a great deal more appeal than sitting in a noisy–or worse yet, deathly silent–cube farm, day-in, day-out. I know that I’m more productive here than I ever was in the office. And … Continue reading

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The only constant is you

When Toby and I started scribbling the ideas that became More than a living, we were trying to find a way to describe the business ennui in which we both found ourselves seemingly irrevocably ensconced. Part of that cathartic process … Continue reading

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Sludge at Work

If you haven’t heard of CultureRx, it’s worth a peek. This consultancy, which came out of Best Buy, works to put focus on the results of work efforts for professionals instead of measuring the sum of hours that are spent … Continue reading

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Professional Agility: Debunking the Security Myth

This single sentence at itzBig Blog really got me up and running this Saturday morning: “There was a time when people had the opportunity to spend the majority of their lives working in one industry or even working with one … Continue reading

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Coming out of the garage

And apparently into the cafe. Web Worker Daily points us to a growing trend for startups. For those of you with that entrepreneurial bent, rejoice! You are no longer relegated to the garage. No more secret startup. Now, you can … Continue reading

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Don't fight the rhythm

(Hat tip to Kathy Sierra for Creating Passionate Users: Rhythm method) One of the problems with driven employees is that they think they should be working–all of the time. I know, because I think I should be working all the … Continue reading

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