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Thanks for contributing to More than a living in March 2007

During March 2007, the following folks have taken the time to stop by, read, consider, and comment. And for that, we are very appreciative. Thank you. Jason Alba of JibberJobber Arleigh from Virgin Holidays Scott Berkun Matt Blevins of Insourced … Continue reading

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Addressing the Org Chart Problem

I don’t know about you, but one of the first things I want when I start a job or work with a client is an organizational chart. Knowing the working relationships between people, how teams are put together and who … Continue reading

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Gen-X Management

Ray Williams of the Financial Post writes “Gen X will change work culture“. Of this I have no doubt. But I am wondering what our organizations, our institutions will look like 20 years forward, when X and Y have put … Continue reading

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Remember, these are CPAs

When it comes to my vision of the archetypal business person, certified public accountants (CPAs) are right up there. I have a hard time coming up with someone in the organization who is more businessy (technical term) than a CPA. … Continue reading

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Good Karma For Your Career

To add to the career management pile-on of Rick and Toby’s recent posts, I wanted to extend the “it’s not what you know” line of thought around networking. Forget standing around a dull conference hall or bad party with a … Continue reading

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Every square is a rectangle, but not every rectangle is a square

And every time you engage in a job search you’re engaging in career management, but every time you engage in career management you’re not engaing in a job search. So says Matt (can I call you Matt?) Blevins, over on … Continue reading

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Intel's 'Hard Knocks' Performance Reviews

Mike Rogoway of the Oregonian writes today about the employee evaluation process at Intel, a Portland area employer of some 16,000 in the area alone. These evaluations, or Focals, drive reward and punishment at the area employer. Bonuses to probation, … Continue reading

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