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Job Search or Career Management? There's a difference

Just stumbled upon a great post over on the JibberJobber blog, entitled “Paradigm Shifting: Job Search vs. Career Management.” It hits upon the same points about which we’ve been carping recently. You shouldn’t be looking for a job or working … Continue reading

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Do you have a growth mind-set or a fixed one?

What kind of employee would you prefer to have (or be)? A naturally intelligent one focused on performance, or a hard worker focused on learning and growth? According to Stanford professor Carol Dweck’s research described in her new book Mindset: … Continue reading

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Should Rachel Ray work at KFC?

Toby and I have been chatting quite a bit about “personal brand” as of late. About its value to both you and your organization. But I’ve been struggling for a way to describe the value of personal brand in a … Continue reading

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Performance Review Hard Luck Story: Number 237

Here is a new “performance review hard luck story” for the files, courtesy of JoJo’s World: During my stay here for 2.5 months, my supervisor kept on changing. My leave approval and performance assessment is done by different bosses and … Continue reading

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Iglesias v. Gonzales: Kumquat, Anyone?

What some folks wouldn’t give right now for hard evidence of past performance reviews. Regardless of your political bent or theories on who did what and why, everyone seems to be wading through a confusing mismatch of facts, trying to … Continue reading

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StumbleUpon, Killer Startups mention Kumquat

Just wanted to take a quick moment to thank the folks who took the time and effort to add Kumquat to both StumbleUpon and Killer Startups. It was a welcome–but completely unexpected–surprise. We’re glad that you think Kumquat sounds interesting. … Continue reading

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Expecting Common Sense in the Workplace

Hmm. Common Sense may not be as common as you’d like. Reading over at Educated Being put this idea in perspective, and highlights a shift in expectation from Common Sense to Responsibility: Every individual has different origin, experiences, and way … Continue reading

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Product or a Brand? Yes.

Are you a Product or a Brand? We have repeatedly said, “Yes”, but this is worth considering when thinking about how you contemplate your Product Management versus Brand issue: [Tom] Peters uses the word “brand” and [Chris] Brogan uses the … Continue reading

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I'll take 'Ass or Elbow?' for 500, Alex

Not that this comes as a shock to you, gentle reader, but a recent survey by Vital Smarts provides some more fuel for the “your organization doesn’t know what it’s doing” fire. Turns out, most folks are well attuned to … Continue reading

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Partner? What?

Marshall Goldsmith, PhD writes in “Partners, not Employees“, published in a recent Talent Management’s issue (related reflection at his blog): Gone are the days when leaders could be — indeed, were expected to be — aloof and unapproachable, handing out … Continue reading

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