Performance Review Hard Luck Story: Number 237

Hiding from the painHere is a new “performance review hard luck story” for the files, courtesy of JoJo’s World:

During my stay here for 2.5 months, my supervisor kept on changing. My leave approval and performance assessment is done by different bosses and the boss who I report to on daily work was not the one who gave me performance review due to a suddent change in their management structuring.

This certainly put a big damper on my confidence in my future- who is going to stand up and speak up for me, for my hard work and efforts when I am not even sure who is my boss? Something more astonishing happened.Then on another turn, the boss who reviewed and recommended my pay rise quit his job because of some dramatic changes in their management positioning.

Gulp. Have you got a story that will make heads spin, or would make prospective hires shiver? We’d love to hear it.

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