Iglesias v. Gonzales: Kumquat, Anyone?

KumquatWhat some folks wouldn’t give right now for hard evidence of past performance reviews. Regardless of your political bent or theories on who did what and why, everyone seems to be wading through a confusing mismatch of facts, trying to get at the truth. Isn’t there a file full of performance reviews that could clear the confusion? If only someone could lay their hands on those records.

(Blatant pending-product promotion) No surprise that Rick and I wish we had been quicker out of the gates with Kumquat to help parties set the record straight. Sure, maybe we couldn’t have prevented this courtroom drama, but I sure wish we could have tried. (Warning: this is not a silver-bullet, and will not prevent national leaders from painting themselves into a corner; note our initial disclosures about our wee-little tool in our faq).

Know that, in our own small way, we will make every effort to help you help your leaders from doing the flip-flop about your performance when bonuses (and continued employment) are on the line.

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