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You're not going to retire from there

That seat in which you’re sitting right now? It’s not going to be the same one you’re sitting in the day you retire. I’m not a betting man, but I feel that’s a pretty safe bet. You see, jobs aren’t … Continue reading

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Job titles draw additional ire

Toby and I have had our recent rants on job titles and their ever increasing irrelevance. We’re a cranky lot. We like to criticize a great deal. And I’ll let you in on a little something. Keep this a secret, … Continue reading

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Job hunting sucks

And according to Techcrunch, the job-hunting sites are keeping true to the effort by sucking, as well. Okay, the fact that job sites are largely ineffective isn’t really news. But the head-scratcher here was that these things have been around … Continue reading

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Job titles should define the problem not the solution

Cameron Moll of Authentic Boredom was taking a look at the recent job listings on his site. And he’s provided some analysis of his review. My favorite? The second bullet under the analysis. Specifically: In today’s job market, I question … Continue reading

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File under "Insights that seem shocking if you've been working under a rock"

According to the Houston Chronicle–or as the hip kids like to call it “The Chron”–half of your stellar employees may be looking for a new gig. No. I’m serious. Forty-seven percent of your most productive, most creative, most valuable workers … Continue reading

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We are all expendable

If I could say it better than Kathy Sierra, I would, but I can’t. (If I could draw cool pictures like Kathy, I would, too.) If all managers like you, are you safer than if some think you’re amazing while … Continue reading

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Do you want loyal employees or happy employees?

As usual, the pig got me thinking again. In this entry, Jack is talking about customer happiness and loyalty, but it got me to thinking about employee happiness and loyalty. Try reading the quote he cites from Fred Reichheld, “the … Continue reading

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More than 50 ways (to motivate you) to leave your manager

Dumb Little Man isn’t so dumb. Take a look at the 50+ Ways a Manager can get Employees to Quit. Other than likely having a few more to add to the list, my only change would be the title of … Continue reading

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A Focus on Results? Fancy That

I can’t really conceive of a results-only work environment. This sounds like a fixed-bid, sub-contractor kind of gig, where expectations are easily spelled out, and results easily evaluated. (And evaluation of the results seems like the real challenge.) This hasn’t … Continue reading

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Personal Brands Matter in Tacit Work

Labor revolution has taken us from transformational to transactional and now to tacit work. Personal brands matter most when what you buy is intellectual property. You aren’t going to make your name based solely on the hours you work, or … Continue reading

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